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Print multiple objects at the same time (6)
Screensaver after printer disconnect (2)
Astroprint on Orange Pi Zero ( 2 3 ) (43)
Astrobox/Printer name in Page Heading (6)
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Wifi hotspot on pi 3? (7)
Turn fan on during print (2)
Alternative Live Video using MJPEG (4)
Disable authentication on LAN (4)
Photo Capture improvements (1)
Connecting to Network Requiring Username (10)
Rotate Camera Feed (10)
File management while printing, larger video, timer (4)
Raspberry Pi Zero W ( 2 ) (24)
Info item on Astroprint and Astrobox printing screens (3)
Pi 7" Touch Screen Install? (7)
Astroprint and the raspberry pi 7" touch (5)
SD Card support (11)
Interface control of GPIO Pins (5)
Creatr with 7" touch, and many custom mods (3)
Hidden SSID Support (1)
Start printing locally stored print file from phone or tablet remotely (5)
Send gcode on fly (adjust flow and more during print...)? (2)
Connecting Slic3r 1.29 "Print To" feature to Astroprint (3)
Allow time lapse even if you don't print through astroprint (2)
Will ASTRO BOX support multiple languages? (3)
Skip password or store password on Pi (2)
OctoPrint API Access (8)