Astroprint cloud offline?


unable to connect. several website verification systems show it offline?


It’s back up. Upgrades in infrastructure.


Was Astroprint Cloud service offline on Thursday 11/15/2018?
Astrobox = Raspberry Pi + correct Wifi dongle + USB cable to 3D printer + WiFi router
0.11(12) firmware
Wifi verified and working, can login to Astrobox.
Astrobox connects to 3D printer, verified.
unsuccessful connecting to Astroprint Account through Wifi.
Was connecting for weeks and months. Why now not connecting?

Action taken: Reset to Factory settings.
Went through setup wizard unsuccessful - not connecting to Astroprint Account.

Reset to factory settings. Used setup Wizard again, and Again unsuccessful connecting to Astroprint Account. The icon in top right of menu shows no connection to Astroprint account.

Problem: I have one 3D printer connected to the same Astroprint account that works.
Why does this one suddenly not connect?
Tried connecting to other Astroprint accounts have setup and they don’t work either.