Custom Profile and Webcam not working


Hey Folks,

i just bought the Astro Touch Software.
Running fine, but how to select/add a custom Printer-Profile? I can just select from a huge list where my printer is not listed.

Second: I attached a Logitech C270 Webcam. When i test it local it seems to work, but when i try it via the webinterface, theres a connection error.

Any suggestions?


What’s the use of a nice interface if the system doesn’t work?
That was definitely a bad buy - wasted money.

  • Webcam is not working
  • No answer for support questions
  • Connection aborts/issues after starting printjob

Going back to free Octoprint.

unlisted #3


For support request please use our ticket system The forums is for users to help each other and sometimes we also come in but we don’t monitor it as often.