[SOLVED]Astrobox touch software setup

i bought the touch software and have put it on an sd card following the instructions i was sent on.
on boot it comes up saying “unable to establish internal communication channel astrobox will reboot.” the only option is to click ok then it reboots and repeats i have tried reflashing the software a couple of times on different sd cards and the same problem im using a rpi 3 with a waveshare screen any advice would be great thanks

Almost certainly due to the license files not being received/saved/uploaded correctly to the .astrobox folder. The files should have no file extension, but you should be able to view text within the file when viewing in a text editor. One file should be 32 bytes in size and the other 545 bytes.

If you are on a Mac then I can say from experience that the Mac messes the files up when downloading/saving. Ensure the files have the file sizes above, no extension and visible text within the file when viewing them.

many thanks for the fast reply just tried again and the license file gets deleted and once i download it from hotmail on my windows pc it has no text in eather license or lid file opening then with both notepad and notepad 2 any advice

would it be possible to add the info to these files after as in email i have my license id?

Hmm, not sure as I am a Mac user. All I can suggest is keep trying to download the files such that you can see the included text (license info) and then use a suitable program to rename the file with no extension. Sorry I cannot be of more help, but that is definitely your problem.

@Adam1, There was some problem in the formatting of the initial emails and some email clients were not properly recognizing the attachments. I recommend you contact us with your order number so we can re-send those files. You can open a ticket here: https://astroprint.zendesk.com

I have the same problem, but the license files are fine. In License information the license id and issuer are displayed, sizes are correct. Via the network I can use the software, but on the touch screen it states the error about internal communication failure and the need for a reboot.

i then carried on with this issue and turns out if u have installed the software and had it working once and then reflashed the sd card with the same licence it will not work i had to submit a ticket to get new licence files generated

That is correct. The License file is only valid for one ABT installation. If you need to reflash your card, a used license would need to be reset for the new installation. Send us a ticket with your license id or order number if you need a reset to: https://astroprint.zendesk.com.

What I recommend is to make a backup copy of you SD right AFTER your first boot. That way you can restore your image (including license).

So I have to buy a touch license for each machine? Literally just to have a screen on them. It seems overly expensive to buy it 5 times plus pay the subscription.

@Luis_I_perez. Yes, the Touch Software has a cost per box.