Start print outside network


Hi, how can I start a print from outside the AstroBox network?


Connect your box to the cloud and go to


It’s connected.

I’m able to monitor and see the print, but not upload a .gcode file and start printing it


You need to upload gcode to the design library and print from there.


Looks good, thanks!!

I was confused because when I was on the local network, I used the File Manager to upload files and print from there…

Maybe you should consider adding this to the FAQ?


I feel this is a no no feature. I don’t think I would ever want to start a print outside the network. I trust my printers, but not enough to start it without physically monitoring it first. You may have a camera on it and can see what it is doing, but it is still pretty risky if you ask me. Just my opinion.


I think it depends on the printer. I run jobs to my Ultimakers remotely using AstroPrint. I use the camera to check for a clear but and then to ensure it’s started correctly. I do also have the printers on a HomeKit switch that can cut the power at any time.


This happened to me the other day and this is why I think it is a bad idea. I changed the nozzle of my printer that is downstairs. I went to print something and watched it start the print. I checked in a few minutes later and smoke was rolling off the printer. By the time I got to it the whole room was filled with smoke. I found when I changed the nozzle, the thermistor pulled out, so the hot end was super hot. The pla was spitting out the end and was ready to burst into flames. I know if I had not been home, I would have caught the house on fire.


I don’t want to say that it is impossible with Ultimakers, but I put some loctite on the set screw for the temp and heater core. I check them occasional and both are still tight.

That is certainly scary thing that happened.

What type of printer is it? Thermal protections should have caught that issue you had and shut things down.


I’m with 3dprinting_guy on this one. @Micah_Goodman this is not to berate your, but your printer should not have done that. For your own sake, please upgrade your firmware and/or enable thermal protections.

Here’s more information about commonly known fire hazard printers/ firmware with discussions and what you can do about it.

I would also add that a basic 3D printer setup should includes smoke detectors.

If you want to run printers unattended, a good addition are auto also auto fire extinguishers (like you put above your cooking range).


All the fire extinguishers and smoke alarms aren’t going to help if you aren’t home. There isn’t anything 100% safe. Just not a good idea.


Big part of 3D Printing at this stage is ensuring your printer is safe. I can respect the not wanting to start jobs remotely but if you start a print, leave the room for 15 mins to grab a coffee or a shower that’s enough time for a printer to start a terrible fire.