[ADD] CR10-S Pro Creality

HI !

I want to know if you plan to add CR10S Pro profile in astroprint ?

Also do you know if we can import FFF profile from Cura for cloud slicing ? :slight_smile:


Also very interested in the same two questions

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Has this been answered? This may explain why my newly purchased machine isn’t responding to any files I send form Cura 4.6.1.

Please update us, AstroPrint. t’s been since September 2019.

Having a pre-defined slicing profile in the platform has no effect on whether the printer can execute files. This is entirely up to the printer and its firmware.

We can’t possibly buy, test and add all printers in the market so we rely on our community when adding new pre-defined profiles. We don’t yet have any for the CR-10S Pro ( We have CR-10 and CR-10S )

Users can always create custom profiles and when successfully tested with a new model offer them to be included as pre-defined.

In case anyone is looking for settings the following connection settings worked for my printer.

I’ve successfully loaded and printed files from the cloud and usb cam works. I’m gonna try to get Cura working next.

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These are the profile settings. I’m using the 10S profile. Pretty straight forward. Utilities are working as they should (Movement Controls, Preheat, fans etc)

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