AstroPrint Desktop

Questions and discussion about the AstroPrint Desktop app:

Printer Support

This category is for questions regarding support for specific 3D Printer models.

Feature Requests

Like we don't have enough to do already, sheesh! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

OctoPrint Plugin

This category is to start discussion, troubleshooting on the OctoPrint Plugin.


This category is to discuss anything related to the AstroBox.

AstroPrint Cloud Service

Please put up your AstroQuestions (and AstroAnswers) relating to the AstroPrint Cloud.

AstroPrint Mobile

Questions and discussion about the AstroPrint Mobile app:

Printer Talk

Printer Talk is your place to chat about the awesome world of 3D Printer hardware. As difficult as it may be, let's try and make it less of a "venting" forum and more of a chatting forum!

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