New Feature Release: Ability to save custom slicer settings

Hey guys!

By popular demand, you now have the ability to SAVE CUSTOM SLICER SETTINGS for future use :slightly_smiling:

You can read about the full feature release on our blog.

With that said, this feature is still in beta.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments regarding this feature, you can use this thread for discussion :wink:


Excellent feature. But I can’t find a way to edit the name?

Also, would it be possible to permanently change the settings of draft/normal/best? My printer can’t print with less than 0.2mm layer height without problems, but can print faster, which would be a better “draft” setting for me.

We will be adding name changing soon. I need to think about changing the defaults as these are meant for manufacturer given settings. For now you can simply have three custom ones named draft, normal and best and pick between them.

Of course you need to able to rename them :wink: we’ll get on it !

Look for MY SLICER SETTINGS in your AstroPrint Cloud Dashboard:

Once you get there, you should be able to edit the name(s) of your Custom Slicer Settings:


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Hmm, weird. I couldn’t before. The name was just text, not a textbox.

But it works perfectly now. Thanks!

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@Glenn this was just added after your suggestion :slight_smile:

Haha, I didn’t notice your reply before. :joy:
Great guys, thanks!


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How do i actuslly use my custom saved slicer settings. Everytime i go to slice i have to redo the work. Is there a way to apply my custom saved setting? Thx