2019: Cannot connect to Astroprint.com

My printers connected and everything but when I try to log in to my cloud account it gives me this: Cannot connect to Astroprint.com

If you have flashed an image and not updated the software. It’s possible that the pi clock is set to the past. In that case, connecting to AstroPrint will fail SSL checks.

The solution to this is to skip the login screen on setup, update the software when prompted and then reboot. This should set your clock and allow connection

When I try updating from settings it says error finding new software.

Reboot your box after connecting it to the internet. The internal clock is likely behind and it can’t be updated without an internet connection.

This causes a failure with the SSL certificate.

I will try to reboot but my box is connected to internet

Daniel, I had this same problem and fixed it following this thread. It’s something simple but I think it should be put on the initial setup or include a card saying “remember to reboot after first connecting to network” XD

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I am having the same problem. I can connect to my ABT over the network (it’s connected via ethernet) and control my printer that way, but when I try to login to my Astroprint account on the ABT itself it says, “Login error. There was an error logging in.” I can login to my account from the browser on my laptop no problem, but for some reason my ABT cannot connect to Astroprint.com.

This is what it says the current software version is:
AstroBox_Touch - v0.16 (8)
Additional Installed Core Packages
AstroBox Touch UI - v0.8(9)

I currently have the ABT checking for a software update. The screen currently says, “Checking software version…” but it has said that for over 5 minutes now with no other indication.

Please help.