3D SLASH support on small screens (iPhone, android handsets)


Hello- just now launched 3D SLASH under mobile safari (iOS 8.3) and am unable to view more than the lower left quadrant (corner) of the workspace. The WebGL page appears to operate correctly, but some controls and the balance of the editable object can’t be seen or scrolled to view. Please advise on how to address this, as it looks very promising as another tool in our portable design toolkit.



Hello Jeffrey !

I am glad you like the app !

Thank you for your message, I didn’t see the bug. We had a look at it with our CTO but we were not able to correct the problem right away.
We will work on it and keep you updated.

A temporary solution on mobiles is to keep the phone in “portrait” view, the bug seems to occur in “landscape view” only.

3D Slash Team