Ability to change Infill Percentage


I’m using a astrotouch touch box and really like it. How ever when you select your print and you select detail level (Draft, normal, good) there should also be a bar maybe to change in fill percentage. maybe in advanced features.

I recognize that astro print is meant to simplify 3d printing but i feel infill is something that we should have control over even if it’s just a little.


Thanks for this. We are planning on adding a bit more settings, granularity to the touch slicing screen for sure.


Epic, love your platform. I’m a newbie and this is all coming from someone with less then a week of 3d printing experience, but a good bit of general gadget and IT experience.


Hello i use now not more cura in astroprint. i use slic3r bit where i can find the settings for the infill? i will use triangles and not the standard from slic3r.

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All the slicer settings are under the “advanced settings” link right under the slice button on the cloud site.


What about “infill pattern”? They were there in older version 0.11, but not latest version 0.13(16)


You mention astrobox versions which do not cover slicer settings. Slicer settings such the one described here can be found under “Advanced Settings” in the print screen at AstroPrint.com. They were never part of the AstroBox Software.