Ability to scale object

Would like to request the ability to scale an object.

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Me too! :blush:

It’s coming …soon. No ETA though.

Stay tuned! :wink:

In the same vein I’d request position and rotate as well as scale…all are things I find myself having to head back to slic3r to do…now that slic3r talks to the astrobox (yeah!) that makes things a little easier but I’d prefer to run everything from astroprint and use it’s file system to keep my models and slice files sorted. While I am at it having multiple objects or duplicates of objects in a single print job would also be handy…

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Thanks @Darren_DeVecchio :slight_smile:

I wholeheartedly agree and those are definitely planned. Due to limited resources we have to focus on shipping a few things at a time.


Did this happen? If so, please direct to how to do this.


@Ron_Weaver: In about 7 days :wink:

Sit tight.

The only reason why I still disconnect AstroPrint and run Cura is because I can’t rotate or scale!

At a minimum could you make this an advanced slicer setting?

Try Microsoft 3D builder, it comes preinstalled on Windows 10. Microsoft is going hard on 3D. It is pretty easy, just import your STL files to prepare your buildplate where you can rotate, scale, copypaste STLs and export it as a single STL. Just remember about your buildplate limits. Then “save as” and don’t forget to select *.STL as .3mf is preselected by default and not compatible with astroprint jet. Last step is upload to astroprint and thats it. I bet this feature should come soon as they built a 3D viewer few days ago. They are doing it awesome!

AstroPrint Desktop allows you to Rotate, Scale, Duplicate objects before you print them.

It’s currently in private beta with our Kickstarter backers though.

Hopefully it’ll be out to the public by the end of the year… :slight_smile:

When do you expect this capability to come the cloud for those of who avoid Windows? Go Chromebooks!


We’re getting a lot of requests. I have started a system where requests can be upvoted. We will then take them up based on voting. Please add or upvote your most important requests here: