Ability to upload Print Profiles from Cura


Before I started using astroprint I had all of my filaments completely dialed in in cura and saved under different profiles. So when changing filaments I could just load the profile for that filament and get perfect prints. Would it be possible to add a feature to allow you to upload profiles to astroprint instead of having to manual setup each one? I am still trying to get my astroprint profiles to match my old cura prints. I’m struggling with PETG at the moment and its a tad annoying having to setup my profile. Print, see how it comes out then adjust again. It would be fantastic if i could just upload my old profiles from cura and be done with it.


I would love to have an Astro print plug-in for CURA “send to Astroprint” and everything from CURA is up in the cloud.


I would also find this incredibly helpful. I have the same issues with the web slicer.


You can generate GCODE files in Cura with all of your profiles and settings, upload it to AstroPrint Cloud under the Design Library, and just directly send it to the printer, ignoring any and all profiles and settings inside AstroPrint. The GCODE file will contain the exact instructions for the printer that come from the profiles set up under Cura.

It’s a bit round-about. It would be cleaner if we could just directly make it work from Cura, but it’s also understandable that AstroPrint wants people to use their platform and doesn’t want to just be nothing but a remote/internet access tool for other platforms. It’s nice that they at least have a GCODE upload feature now so that we can use other slicers of our choice instead of theirs.