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Okay You asked for it … in no particular order … :slight_smile:


Object placement
Multiple object

I also find not having slicer’s masking feature and multiple extrusion a limitation that pushes me back to slicing locally.

Before and during printing:

Fan speed control.
Extrusion control (percentage).


I would like a way to specify my astrobox external IP/domain and port that would be used when I click to go to the box’s local web page…useful when offsite though I made a link in my browser having a link on the page would be nice.

A way to reorganize the dashboard apps.

While I like the Projects / Designs as an improvement to the flat file system I still think it needs some work. For me it seems like it is a huge waste of space and I find I still have a hard time finding and organizing all my various prints, still think the little drop downs and location of various features seems a bit scattered all over the file manger screen.

As has been mentioned a way to rename files in the cloud…and it would be nice it it propagated to the local astrobox.

I would love a way to store my scad source files with my .stls and gcode

support for AMF (for multiple extruder and color support)

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