Access key - how should it work?


When I start OctoPrint and go into the AstroPrint tab, I’m required to always enter my access key to perform the link and establish my connection. It seems that I have to enter this access key every time I start up OctoPrint. Please forgive my ignorance, but Is this by design? Is this access key supposed to be a session only key - where you have to enter it whenever you start OctoPrint - or is it supposed to be an “enter-once” key - where you enter it just once and the plug-in always “remembers” the connection whenever you start up OctoPrint?



No, That’s not the way it should work. You only need to enter it once ( or again if a long time passes since your last use ). Can you tell us more about your configuration? Browser version, octoprint version, platform, etc?


@David_Warner: FYI, you might find this post useful if you haven’t seen it yet :wink:


Thank you. Here is my configuration.

Browser version: Chrome (latest version)
OctoPrint version: 1.3.9 running on OctoPi 0.15.1
PC Platform: Windows 10 Pro running on Intel i7-6700 CPU @ 4.00GHz with 16MB memory


Thank you dilanka. Yes, I did follow this post when setting up the plug-in.