Access to my printer outside local network?

Hi guys,

I’ve installed Octopi on my rapsberry pi4, and i’ve installed octoprint as well.
As i wanted to be able to monitor my prints when i’m not at home, i created an astroprint account and linked it to the astroprint pluggin in octoprint.

Everything works fine except that i must be connected on my local network for astroprint still be able to see my printer.
If i only connect to 4G and not wifi, and i go to the control tab, i have this message “You must be in the same network as the printer in order to control it”.

The funny part is that i can still change the temperature of the printer, even without wifi, but cannot see my webcam or control anything.

I assume doing something wrong but after many searchs, i still do not find the answer.
Any ideas ?

That’s the way it works. While in the same network you can do more things as indicated by the app.

However you can start/monitor/cancel active jobs from outside your network using the app or directly in the AstroPrint cloud.

Here are some getting started articles:

I’m not sure that i undersand, it is said in the Octoprint section of Astroprint page :

  • Securely connect your OctoPi to the AstroPrint Cloud via the Internet (through an encrypted, SSL protected WebSocket) so you can print, manage, and monitor your printer from anywhere.
  • Access your OctoPi using AstroPrint Mobile, or through your account at via the browser of any web-enabled device.

But the point is that i just cannot connect to my Octoprint if i am not in my local network, so i cannot monitor from anywhere ?

You won’t be able to connect to your octopi outside the network but you can send print jobs to it and monitor active ones via the cloud.

Please read the articles in the link I sent

Oh okay, i think i maybe get it.

In the app, connected in 4G (no wifi then), i can monitor and set the temperature, but cannot use the control panel, am i right ?

Taking a still picture, in my case, does not work at every try.

That is correct. You can also do the same and more from