Access to thingiverse account through Astroprint

Is there a way to access your thingiverse user account through Astroprint so that I can download all the things I’ve collected? I realize I can download them on a PC then upload to Astrprint but I do not own a PC at our house. We use iPads.




Unfortunately not yet :disappointed:

I know – it’s a pretty obvious feature. The current Thingiverse app is just a version 1 with barebones features.

For now, the fastest method would be to download all the STL’s to your local device (which can be your iPad), then upload it all to your Astroprint account.

Apologies! :neutral_face:

Yeah, I know I can do it from a ipad it’s just a little cumbersome. Would be obviously much easier to be able to do it from within the app.


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I may be misunderstanding your question, so forgive me if my reply doesn’t make sense or help.

If you access your dashboard through the Astroprint website ( (and thus through any internet connection, anywhere in the world) you can do a basic search on Thingiverse (for example using the model #) and I believe it will be placed in your file manager and you can print it that way.

Yes that’s pretty much the work around I have been using except that I pull up two tabs in the browser log one into Astroprint and the other into Thingiverse. Then I do a search on the Astroprint Thingiverse app based on keywords from the things in my Thingiverse account. This almost always works except if you try to do a search for a remix. It will not find it. Searching for the ID number, the name, even the link to the thing does not help. The Astroprint Thingiverse app will not find it. For those I have to download the thing then upload to Astroprint. So there are workarounds it would just be nice to be able to do it all from the app.


Hi. I’d like to second this feature request because it would be very useful and i see that it was asked for in 2018 so two years ago.
Please let us know if this is coming to astroprint or not. Thank you

We actually did a better option which is to allow printing to your AstroPrint-connected printers from within Thingiverse as a thing app.

Unfortubately Thingiverse had been sitting on the app for MONTHS and it’s still not approved.

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So is there an update? I can’t figure out how to print from the thingiverse … astroprint is not listed as an app I can used when logged in. I authed it via the astroprint website and can search from it … but not the other directrion.

No update. Thingiverse wouldn’t approve our app or respond to our requests so we have given up on it basically

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Not sure if this will help anyone, but I have a workaround I use. I use “3d Geeks” app on android; it is a thingiverse browser; you can browse, see your collections, download .stl, etc. The premium version let’s you upload directly to several 3d printing services, including Astroprint.

Using this, I can find, slice, and send files to my printer using only my phone.

If I remember correctly, the premium upgrade for 3d Geeks is under $5.

Thingiverse search through astroprint using just thing number or user name will open quickly.
Print from thingiverse will save file to astroprint as well as print item.
User account open using web or app is still necessary but is very usable.