Accessing camera remotely cancels print sometimes


Just had it happen a second time.

I started the print while I was home. Uploaded the Gcode into the Astrobox and started it while on the local connection and from the astrobox connection, not the cloud connection. Print started fine. I left the house about an hour later, and once I got to work opened a web browser and clicked Monitor. It stated the astrobox was online, but the printer was not ready. I clicked camera/controls, and over on the right It stated no printer connected. I think this is my problem and what caused the stop; I clicked “connect to printer” and then it worked and upon pulling up the camera, the print had stopped, the temps were listed with a target of zero, but the current temps were only just starting to drop.

So I because the cloud service thought I wasn’t running a print/ printer no connected, once I clicked connect, it overwrote the job and jut sent zero commands?

I had this happen once before, and had my girlfriend clear the print bed and I started the print again. When I went to review the capture, which I started the first time but not the second, It recorded both prints, the partial and the completed. Like it thought it was one job.

So what happened? Is it because I started the print from the astrobox itself rather than the cloud but then went to view it from the cloud?

I am printing on a Monoprice Maker Select v2.1, using an astrobox based on a Raspberry Pi3 and using a logitech c920 webcam.

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We need to look at other sources of failure too. Please read this article ( for the most common causes of prints stopping.

One case in which the print can stop when a camera is enabled is insufficient power to the Pi caused by a faulty or unsuitable power supply. The camera will try to draw too much power starving the pi.


But if the power supply is insufficient, shouldn’t it do it every time?

I am using a 2.4amp power supply. Which while slightly under the recommended, seems like it should be more than sufficient for my current uses. Again, this isn’t a constant issue.

To me it really seems like a conflict between the remote connection and the board. That the cloud is overwriting the box when the print is started locally and then viewed remotely. Is this far fetched or definitely not the issue for some reason?

That said, I will pick up a new one from fry’s tomorrow and switch out my USB cable as well.

Thank you for the prompt response.


2.4 Amp should be fine. I don’t think you should replace it. Regarding the USB cable, it might be worth investing in a good quality, short one.

I just don’t see how the remote connection stops the print… We designed the print system to be pretty standalone and unaffected by network conditions. Like anything though, there can be bugs. You could also send us logs via the advanced settings section, to see if I can see anything off or some logged error.


OK, I have had this issues now a minimum of three times, including just now. Started a print from my Macbook throught Astrobox on the local network. In my bedroom watching TV, I load up to check status. I notice the timer isnt moviung, so I go check on the printer, to find it paused. What is causing the conflict?


Did you ever find the cause of this frustrating problem? You described precisely my symptoms using the latest release of astroprint with my Logitech C615 webcam connected to my pi3 astrobox.


The lack of sufficient power is likely the reason here as explain already.


No, I never found a definite culpret. And Daniel, I still don’t think the lack of power was the reason as I have not changed the power supply and the issue has largely gone away. I think I’ve only had one instance of a random stop since the issue was frequent, and I don’t think it happened with a remote connection.

The most likely culprit I found at the time the issue was frequent was the USB cable as suggested, though as I recall the issue still happened once or twice after, and was an instance of the astrobox disconnecting from the printer, but for some reason still sending temperature commands.

I figured one of the updates fixed the issue inadvertently, but obviously that isn’t the case.


Honestly, I don’t think there’s a software issue here. It looks like a HW, cable, power configuration. We have looked at this extensively and haven’t found anything in our software that would cause this in our configurations ( including same camera )