Add G code generation time and timezone info

I would like to see a slice time (as in the date and time the file was sliced) added to the file Manager info screen.

This is included in the slicer comment/meta data of the file (least it is in Slic3r) … and to this end it would be nice to have time zone info in the personal account setup so that the slicer could place corrected time info in the meta data or at least astroprint could adjust it before displaying the time or downloading.

I noticed this when I was downloading some slice files for minor tweaking only to be confused by the time signatures on the files and almost printing the wrong version.

I read someone else asking about renaming the slice files I think that is a good idea too and is related to this time feature request.

As an aside I would also like to see some of the other meta data displayed in the info about a sliced file, in particular calculated extrusion widths would be handy, as different slicers set to automatic choose different numbers…my current workaround is to specify my desired widths in the slicer setup but that defeats the automatic settings would are sometimes better than my ‘standard’ fixed widths.


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Thanks Darren,

Adding the time (with timezone offset) in the UI is no problem and we’ll add this to our pipeline. Mostly needs some UI work to see where it fits.

Regarding the file creation time, that’s a bit harder. Our servers are all running on GMT to keep coordination going.

Yes I kinda figured you would want the servers to run GMT or at least all be the same…

I really just need to be more careful and either name my files or look at the embedded comment on the generation time
and realize that my local files have local times while the ones I get from astroprint have GMT. It is really just a sorting thing on my end that I sometimes end up with file that have dates that are in the future for me…I don’t see a good solution except adapting to it.