Add official support for DaVinci printers (or at least a clever hack!)

As a new owner of the Da Vinci AIO, while I know XYZ has done their darndest to make it a closed box, it would be very cool to enable all that Astroprint goodness for this super economical turnkey printer!

@Jeffrey_Ray we get quite a lot of requests to support the DaVinci printer but unfortunately unless you reflash the firmware, which some people have done, it’s not even possible for us to work with it on our own.

We would love to cooperate with them and add it to the list of supported printers but it would require their help. Maybe you and other DaVinci owners can express your desires to them ?

Daniel- Thanks. I’ll be another voice in the choir- and if there are any other DaV’s out there, please join me in convincing XYZPrint to open up this printer platform enough to play nice with Astroprint!

In the meantime, I’m working on a work-around that shows promise- stay tuned!..


Great. If you find that workaround. Please let us know.

Bump— what about a DaVinci pro?

I think they haven’t yet opened their interface. We can’t support them unless they want us to :frowning:

Hey @Daniel maybe you can help me i have a XYZ 1.0 with repetier .92 mod on it so the printer connects and astrobox can talk to it but when i go to print it always trys to print off the bed this is both with and without the mode of 0 is center of the bed… maybe you can assist me

Does your printer profile have the right bed dimensions?

yes i do the XYZ 1.0 with repetier 0.92 has a build size of 200200200 :slight_smile:

it works well with repetier server and host as well as octoprint (who your code base is i believe)

is there a way to have a printer offset function ?

or a manual way to set where is 0 on the bed

so add to this if i use cura or slic3r on my workstation and upload the gcode to the local astrobox print it works 100%

here is a link to a gcode that i used slic3r (on workstation) that works 100%

So the problem seems to be when using our online slicer? Can share (maybe via screenshoot) your profile settings at

yes correct its when using your online slic3r

what part on astroprint do you want me to share my settings

and do you want me to share my slic3r workstation settings or the current ones i have in astroprint?

Printer profile settings on

i sent a a support ticket lets hope it gets answered soon :slight_smile:

as if i can get this workign we will be deploying many of them thru our organisation as we have many XYZ 1.0 and i wish to make them “cloud” ready