Adding a not listed printer and its profile


I have a printer not listed in the Astrobox. The manufacturer is Kingroon.
I was looking in the settings to find out if I can add at least a custom profile but I could not find anywhere that I could add a custom profile.
Could you please help with this?

I would suggest that you should allow that once we have the printer’s profile to add it manually.

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You can create a custom profile from the printer profiles section:


I do not see the “Create Custom Printer Profile…” choice in the list for the manufacturer. The list starts from 3D HOUSE and has nothing to select above. The list does not have any choice for a custom printer within. The list ends with XMachines. Therefore I cannot create any custom printer profile.

I have AstroBox v0.19(5) installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B, connected by a USB cable to Bukito 3d printer from Deezmaker. Without selecting any profile, this combination does function and print, but the printing stops right after it finishes the top layer and the head stays there, which is somewhat annoying. Setting the g-code for cancelling in the AstroBox does not help.

I created my printer profile and slicer settings in the Astroprinter Cloud which works great by loading the sliced g-code to the Bukito 3d printer via microSD card.

Thank you for your help.

I was referring to the cloud custom profile. For the astrobox you can’t assign a custom profile. Simply leave that empty

Hi, Daniel.

Thank you for your quick reply and information. I will keep the profile choice empty. Printing fine with that in my case.

I would very much like to see a custom profile support in the AstroBox. I do not know if that is possible at all, but I am sure a lot of people will appreciate that.

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