All of my prints are hollow?


Hi this is probably a total noob question. I have a creality 10s mini printer. I had an old raspberry pi laying around and decided to turn it into an Astro box. It all went smooth it controls the printer fine, network setup was fine. It print beautifully. The only problem I have is all of my prints from AstroPrint are hollow and I can’t get it to ever print support. If I slice the same file on the pc and drop it onto a sd card no problems, but the same file in Astro print, hollow and no support. I’m sure it is jus a setting that I have messed up. I have support material checked and infill set to 25%. And advice would be greatly appreciated. Here is a pic of what I’m talking about.`

Thanks `


It may be helpful to share your print settings from the Print History to see what could be causing the issue.