Am I missing something? Connection/Sync issues


My understanding is that the Astroprint ecosystem, desktop software, cloud software and Astrobox touch are all supposed to cross communicate and sync respectively to one another… am I wrong? I suggested and set up an astrobox touch for the library where I donated a printer mainly for that reason. I assumed that I could help possibly remote mange some of the slicing and whatnot until the librarians and volunteers could learn enough about printing to do it on their own. For the life of me I CAN NOT get the astrobox touch to sync to my clould settings or even my Astroprint desktop software. Last night I was trying to do a demo of the printer and the system to a prominent member of our Friends of the Library, our volunteer donations drive group, and I was thoroughly embarrassed because the system would NOT connect to one another . My astroprint desktop software would not recognize my astrobox touch as it has in the past. I could not send correctly oriented models or pre-sliced gcode. Yet every time I turned the printer on the astrobox touch would create a new profile for my printer in my astroprint cloud. I wound up with 20 or so by the time I realized what was happening. I finally managed to eek out a print by dragging the printer to the pc and doing a direct connection via USB.
I am no noob to 3d printing. I’ve been at it for about 6 years. I produce some beautiful complex prints using Simplify3d. I am no stranger to complex work flows. I run CNC mills and Wire edm machines for a living. MasterCam is far more complicated than any 3d printing software. What am I doing wrong? I would really like this solution work so I can offer remote management. Can someone please outline a typical successful workflow so I can compare what I am doing wrong so I can get this sorted?


This is most likely due to network configuration issues at the library. Likely the library’s proxy blocking websocket connections and / or bonjour discovery

Was the cloud connection ( rocket ) green or red on the touch.

What software version were you running on the touch ?


All the connection icons were green. As to the software I checked for an update thinking maybe that was the issue but no. It said I was on the latest version. At least as of 12/6… I haven’t check for an up date since.


I believe you may be onto something with the network at the library. What are the specific network requirements so I can convey them to the network managing company?


IF the management company isn’t willing to meet the requirements. I can slice the files via Astroprint Desktop, save the Gcode file to a flash drive and run the code from the flash drive. Correct?


The network needs to allow bonjour services in order to detect boxes within the network. The mobil and destktop app uses this to find astroboxes in the network.

In addition the astrobox needs to establish a websocket connection using port 443 (SSL). If the library’s proxy prevents this, the box won’t be able to register with our servers and you won’t see the box in the “connected” section of our website.