Android Video Stream not working, only still picture


as title says

im on android 8.1 and have the astroprint app running but i cannot get video feed/livestreaming to work, only still pictures work

my friend that have android 6.1 have the exact same problem, he says it have not worked for about 6 months…

in android browser (chrome and firefox) it works perfectly however but not in the app :frowning:

is there anyone else that have this problem?


What controller do you use on the printer? AstroBox?


the video streaming doesn’t work on my Pixel 2 XL, I use AstroBox Touch with Logitech Camera.


Which Logitech and does video work on chrome in a computer ?


it is a Logitech C920 and the streaming works everywhere else just not any of my Android devices with the Astroprint app.


I have an LG V20 and pro9000 Logitech cam and am having the same issue. Works everywhere but mobile app.


It seems to be a problem in Android and H264. You could change the encoding to VP8 on the AstroBox camera settings. We will look at this for the next release.