Android Video Stream not working, only still picture

as title says

im on android 8.1 and have the astroprint app running but i cannot get video feed/livestreaming to work, only still pictures work

my friend that have android 6.1 have the exact same problem, he says it have not worked for about 6 months…

in android browser (chrome and firefox) it works perfectly however but not in the app :frowning:

is there anyone else that have this problem?

What controller do you use on the printer? AstroBox?

the video streaming doesn’t work on my Pixel 2 XL, I use AstroBox Touch with Logitech Camera.

Which Logitech and does video work on chrome in a computer ?

it is a Logitech C920 and the streaming works everywhere else just not any of my Android devices with the Astroprint app.

I have an LG V20 and pro9000 Logitech cam and am having the same issue. Works everywhere but mobile app.

It seems to be a problem in Android and H264. You could change the encoding to VP8 on the AstroBox camera settings. We will look at this for the next release.

Same problem here. H264 webrtc streaming works perfectly with chrome on Android, but nothing on Android App. Can’t switch to VP8, Raspberry internal encoder from Raspicam only support h264 & mjpeg.
Anyway H264 webrtc is supposed to works flawlessly now since Android 7. Perhaps it’s just a matter of recompile the app with latest SDK?

We have a new version of the app in test that will be re-compiled with the latest SDK. That would hopefully work.

I’m having the same problem now.

And i’m actually using VP8 encoding on an android with a logitech C270 and AstroBox Touch.

I can take some pictures, but when I try to connect video streaming it starts to load, then appears the monkey pic and return to grey screen.

I had setup my camera to low resolution, but still not working. Have any idea?