Another disconnect issue

My AstroBox gateway keeps stopping mid-print, or doesn’t start printing after setting the temperature. Nothing in my configuration has changed and it was working without issues for months. I am slicing in Astroprint and sending files to my Ender 3 Pro all in the Astroprint ecosystem. The same gCode file will have different results either not starting a print after setting temp or stopping pretty far into a print. It is getting to the point where I don’t trust Astroprint to complete prints anymore. I am getting frustrated at the wasted time and wasted material. My Pi has a dedicated power supply and, the USB cable between my Pi and Ender is routed away from the printer. Any thoughts help before I abandon Astroprint?

In the majority of these cases, the issue isn’t with AstroPrint but with the printer board or firmware. If you’d like us to get more info, you need to open a support ticket, enable serial logs and log one of these failures so we can see what the printer is doing when it fails.

Logs are enabled. I will send them in once I have another print failure.

Thank you!