Any Plan to update Supported Slicers

The current cloud slicers are getting pretty out of date.
I is really so much easier to do slice using astrobox.
And forgive me as I have been away for a while but last time I used astrobox the interface was not setup well for using your own slicers…you could certainly do so but associating models and slice/gcode was not nearly as easy as using Astrobox alone…I will look through the current interface some more as much has changed but at first glance this has not.

But still a great feature of Astroprint for me has always been cloud slicing…
So if we could get current on Cura and Prusa slicer so we could use the newest features for
making great prints that would really be grand.

Thanks for all the work that goes into Astrobox platform

Looks like it took almost a year to bring 3.6 onto the platform. Hopefully 4+ will be soon. It’s pretty quiet around here though…

@Kirk_Ma as you mentioned it does take a long time to bring a new slicer onboard. This mostly relates to settings handling. We’re not currently planning a new slicer version as we’re focused on our fleets product.

To alleviate this we released te ability to upload sliced files to the system, something we couldn’t do before.