Any plans to support resin based printers?

Hey, I decided to try this out on my Raspberry Pi, loving the UI and everything. But I was wondering if there were any plans to get resin based printers working? I realize not all handle printer the same ways, some are using lasers, and some use actual projectors. I’m one of the people who has a projector based printer, and it would be lovely to keep this thing as far away from me as possible, because y’know, the fumes. If you’re interested at all in the printer I have, It’s called the LittleRP. Keep up the awesome work guys.

We do plan to support resin-based printers, sometime next year.

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I’m seeing a lot of inexpensive SLA printers hitting the marker and I am curious if you will be adding support anytime soon. Specifically I am looking at the Space 3D large format SLA printer.

Space 3D on Kickstarter

It uses Chitubox software.


Any updates on resin support? Both Mars Elegoo and Creality LD-002R look really nice.

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Agreed just purchased a ld-002r and would love remote access

When will resin printers be supported?

It’s been way more than a year since the Original Post started?

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I didn’t realize you couldn’t use resin printers, I’ve been looking at inexpensive resin printers and I don’t own a computer, I only have a chromebook. I was ready to rely on Astroprint but I guess I’ll have to find an alternative. If anyone knows any web-based, no download slicers/support adders I would like to know, thanks.

any luck with a better slicer for resin printers with a chromebook?