API key in cura not working


Latest release of astroprint installed. Latest cura 3.2 (also tested on 3.1). When i insert api key for connection in order to upload directly the file, cura say that API key are invalid. Setting in cura are ip, port 80, path /

Tryed to fresh (erased all prevous setting) install of cura, new install of astroprint). Api works well on Slic3r PE, can’t find a way to make them works on cura. Setted myself API on config.yaml, it still works on slic3r and still does not work on cura.


Could you describe where in Cura you enter those settings?


In the octiprint plugin, until 3.0 was already in, now need to install plugin, then machine setting, connect to octoprint, insert data and api.


Bit sincerely i don’t need it anymore, i’ve experienced too many crash where the printer dropped connnectio. And unfortunately i had to go back to octoprint. I do prefere astro for the easy camera co figuration since i had problem for the camera in octoprint, but really too many crash make me go back :frowning:


I think I know what the OP was trying to do.

Use Cura to directly print to printer, via Astrobox standing in place for Octoprint.

There exists a Cura plugin (note, a cura add-on, not a octoprint plugin) which allows one to click print in Cura Desktop and automajically connect to octoprint and get it printed and monitored. Basically the same thing as Astroprint Desktop -> Astrobox -> Printer, but instead Cura Desktop -> Astrobox -> Printer.

What OP was describing was the config window where one puts in some config to configure the “Connect to Octoprint” Plugin inside cura.

I actually found this thread when trying something similar - the thought process was - oh, if Astrobox was forked from Octoprint a while ago, maybe the Octoprint plugin may work with Astrobox!

BTW, I’m not able to connect and have been unsuccessful so far (I don’t even get as far as API key entry) so suspect poster may have done more to AstroPrint beyond a stock install (ie, turning on Octoprint-based discovery)


Api Key u get the from astroprint UI. What I’ve found odd is that astropriny API key are working fine with slic3r and s3d but they not work in cura. Mine was a fresh and not touched astroprint install.


Hi Alessio, I’m fairly new to astroprint and have been looking around - where can I find the API key in the Astroprint UI? I’d like to take a shot at it also. [EDIT: Found it - Astrobox -> Settings -> Software -> Advanced]

Thanks for clarifying that you have a stock install of astroprint.


I can confirm that I’m seeing symptoms same as alessio - the API key is not valid error.


I ran into this exact same problem. Any fix for this?


Any update on this? i am facing the exact same issue!


This has been fixed but the software release that contains it is still under test


great, is there a beta we can try?


Change your AstroBox to the beta channel in Settings / Software / Advanced.

It’ll appear there first in the next few weeks. We’re still adding and fixing a few more things before we let it out of the office :wink:


which release is this supposed to be released in?


0.16(0) currently only available in the Beta channel