"Are you sure you want to proceed without matching printer model?"

I got the message “Are you sure you want to proceed without matching printer model” when trying to print a model out today. What does this mean, exactly? I’m using the service at a museum where we have multiple printer, each with its own printer profile. Is there a way to register different printers to a given profile or is there some compatibility problem that I’m missing?

I have the same Problem. However Print works.

We are improving printer model detection. You can ignore this warning for now. It will work as it did before. With the new astrobox software release (not released yet) you will be able to set the printer model that the box is connected to.

Then this message will make more sense.

Hello. So I have set my printer model, but am still getting this notice. I am slicing with an external slicer because I can’t get a satisfactory print out of the web slicer, so do I just have to deal with this? Or is there one more step or something to get rid of it?

If you slice outside. You need to also set the printer model to the print files so out system can recognize the match