Associate color with a model

I print models in all sorts of colors and would like to be able to associate a color (or more) with a model, without resorting to coding it into the file name. That way, I’d have an immediate visible reminder to what color filament I need to load for any given model.

In the queue, the Add Tag function is actually exactly what I’m looking for, and perfectly implemented!

However, this information is not permanently attached to the model, only for its lifetime in the queue. So next time I want to add that model to the queue I need to re-assign the color tag.
If that function were also available for GCODE files in the Design Library so color information would be permanently associated with a model, I’d be a happy camper. (I don’t store STLs in the cloud).

Another way to implement it is probably via material profiles, but that seems onerous as it could make the number of profiles explode (color vs filament type combinations) and it feels more “permanent” than a simple tag that can easily be overwritten.

Thanks for considering!