AstroBox Dual slicing

I am using AstroBox Slicer as a slicing software for a change. Previously I was using CURA software. In AstroBox, I am not able to find dual extruder settings, where i can dedicate first and second extruder for different prints. Can someone please walk me through this or is this feature not available in AstroBox yet. Thanks.

It is not currently possible to assign STLs to extruders. You can however designate a separate extruder for support in advanced settings

Not even in AstroBox desktop application??

Not yet. This hasn’t been a priority

Astroprint will be a much better product if you can choose which extruder to use.
I have PLA in one, ABS in the other.
It feels completely unnecessary to have to switch around these in order to choose different material for a print…