AstroBox Homing causing delta to halt



Recently, using Smoothie, Ive decided to use a function where if the endstops are triggered any time not during a home, it causes the printer to go into a halt state. In the past, Ive had people using my machine jog too far up on the printer, causing the belts to grind as it tries to go up past the endstops.

When plugging directly into my computer and issuing a g28 command, the printer homes as normal, however when i hit the home z on the astroprint control screen, the printer toolhead goes up, and as soon as the first carriage hits an endstop the machine goes into a halt state.

my question is what other commands is astroprint setting that would cause this to think it is crashing. it must be more than a g28… I’d like to keep the safety feature in place, but if it breaks controls thats no good.


  • Alex


This is what is sent when you hit the Z Home button:

G28 Z0

I guess the G91/G90 is not really needed but all commands on that screen are wrapped by it. BTW you can look at your serial communications to debug further what the printer might be doing. Here’s how:


I realize that this is an old thread but I’m currently having the same problem as you described and i wanted to know if you were able to fix it?

Tronxy X3a

astrobox is an rpi3 running distro 0.13.11

thanks a lot


Please follow the instructions on how to debug the serial connection and take a look at the logs to see why it might be failing.