Astrobox on Pi 3 B Wont connect

Hey guys so im new to Astrobox and still fairly new to 3d printing as a whole , i set up a Astrobox on my Pi 3 B and set it up using the ethernet and my desktop with the astroprint desktop program, my problem is My Ender 5 Plus is in a different room on the floor below my desktop with no Functioning ethernet port in that room so in order to connect it to my printer i have to unplug the PI from power and the ethernet but once i plug the printer into it and plug it into power in that room it is no longer able to be found by the astroprint app, its as if the PI turns its wifi hotspot thing off when it looses the power (as it should) but does not re initialize it when its powered on again. Can anyone help ?

This article might help: