Astrobox/Printer name in Page Heading

Would it be possible to have the assigned Astrobox name (in my case a specific name assigned to the printer such as Prusa Mk2s) shown in the UI heading of the screens other than the dashboard.

For example, when printing and viewing the webUI of the box it simply says Printing in the heading, I often have multiple tabs open in my browser and so have the bookmark name or IP address shown in the tab header but it would be really nice to have the printer/astrobox assigned name shown in large font such as

Prusa Mk2s - Printing

and the same on the other pages as well like Settings, Printer Control, Camera, etc. Like in the second image below (the first being the current page indicator)


Oh, this would be amazing! with too many tabs open, it gets hard telling what is what.

Very good suggestion and not hard to implement. Will add it for sure


@Daniel You guys ROCK!!!

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Fantastic. Thanks @Daniel :grinning::+1:

Thank you so much for implementing this feature @Daniel. Just a bit of feedback.

  1. The Tasks page does not appear to have received the same love :slight_smile:
  2. A very small thing but I find the separator used ā€˜Iā€™ a bit of a distraction as it also looks like the lowercase letter l or UPPERCASE letter i and does not seem to differentiate the printer name from the page usage. I wonder whether a hyphen or similar would view better.

Thanks again.