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Any News on the Astro Print T-shirts in the UK?


I didn’t even see this! That is exactly the price I was thinking/hoping for! Excellent!


Any updates guys? I’m all excited to get started with my next AstroBox…


Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but that screen that you linked is actualy physically only 480x320, but it an be software scaled to “display” resolutions up to 1920x1080. The upside is with that screen is they can run much smoother with the HDMI interface, just not at the full resolution as advertised in the title.


I’m going to buy some kits to support AstroPrint and the guys who make freaking awesome software. Could I make it for less? Yep, but sending some money their way ensures it stays epic!


Fantastic news. As Daniel and Dilanka will know, I have been asking and hoping for this and I will be buying multiple licenses :slight_smile: Thanks Astroprint team.


Any update on licenses for ABT @Daniel?



Hi Neil, sorry it’s taking a bit longer. We are in the final steps. Getting the sales page ready on our Shopify Store. All the code to create and deliver the licenses via email after payment is done.


Fantastic. Looking forward to it. Thanks for responding :slight_smile:


I need to upgrade my plan, as switching all my printers back to Astroprint but don’t want to buy a yearly license as will want to buy ABT licenses for all. Any ideas on timeframe or maybe I should do a monthly cloud plan until you are ready?



The Software License Purchase option is now available:


Woohoo. Just purchased a license to try out. Downloading now.

Thanks @Daniel and @Astroprint :slight_smile:


Delighted to report now all working with the official Raspberry Pi 7" screen. Many many thanks to @Daniel for getting it up and running :slight_smile:


Just picked up a 2 pack, have a 5 inch lcd and a 7 inch I’m itching to try!!


@Neil did they send you a download link and how long did it take to get?


Hi @Jeremy. Yes, you will receive a link and the required license files by email. I received them within a minute of placing the order.


Soooooo why are they $39? The email says $30, and every reference to the value up to this point has been $30, but today I went to purchase one for an upgrade I wanted to do on one of my 4 Astroprint boxes, and it says $39?!?!?!

What gives?


Wow, yeah. a 30% increase overnight. That seems a bit unreasonable :frowning:


Wait you mean you got yours for $30? That is really unfair then. I just didn’t have the funds until this week. There was no mention about ‘Limited time offer’ in my email, or anywhere.


I did. Maybe there is an error in their Shopify system. I’m sure Daniel or the team will explain and sort.