Astrobox touch image


$30 was an introductory price for a few days. Sorry we weren’t more clear in the email.


Well this is truly unfair. I would have found a way to purchase one sooner if I had known this.

I guess I am off to build some other Pi based printer control boxes (Not saying names out of respect) with touch interfaces until these go on sale or something as I just cannot justify the additional 30%. But I feel this is completely unacceptable. ESPECIALLY since you have said from the beginning that the software was only a $30 value.


I am happy to pay the extra. Where else do we get this level of support and product. Cheap price to pay.

I for one know what it takes to run their cloud backend and keep development alive. Anyone who is upset should suck it up and be happy astroprint isn’t locking us into buying complete astroprint units.


I love this!!
Thank you Astroprint for making the touch image portable. I have a really tight setup with my original Printrbot Pro. I removed the LCD that came originally with the product year ago, replaced it with RPI3 + TFT + your astro touch image. Happily paid the 40$ license, works like a charm.

Im now trying to reduce the size even more by moving to PI Zero W, I got the server-side to work with manual network config. I can reach the astroprint local server and print. However, the TFT display wont move from the splash screen :/…

Any ideas why everything works on piZero W besides TFT frontend application? I think I noticed its built using Electron? Maybe I need latest nodejs /chromium updates?

keep up the good work!


We don’t yet support the PI Zero platform in our touch product.


If you moved everything to Pi Zero and screen shows just Splash screen I guess that you need new licence file. When you are installing Astrobox touch it comes with licence file and you can use it only once. Maybe request for the new one.


The touch is not compatible with the Pi Zero. The CPU on the Zero is an armv6 processors which is over 15 yrs old tech.

Unfortunately we can’t compile the touch UI for it