Astrobox Touch stuck at reboot


Greetings, guys, today there was some kind of update in my astrobox touch and for some reason it could not do the update it kept giving me errors. and i try many time. i decided to reboot the box. and now is stuck at the welcome logo screen.
it does not want to proceed and move foward.
what can i do?


It appears that the update was stuck in the middle and now you might have inconsistent software. The first thing to try is to find out its IP address. You can use our desktop app, Go to Apps (top menu) -> Printers. It should then detect your box provided it’s on the same network as the computer running the app.

Once you have the IP address go to http://ip_address to see the box’s web UI. Once there go to Settings -> Software -> Update

attempt to do the software update from that interface to see if it can complete. If you get errors, please take and post screenshots


ok buddy ill try and update you thank you


im getting the same errors as when i was trying on the touch box. (An Error occurred and your Astrobox was2000%20-%20max5 unable to complete the update.


i try using the retry button and it wants to but it failed again.


Ok, best to open a ticket so we can continue there.


thank you i have submitted the ticket thank you Daniel for all off your help.