Astrobox with all the web options?


Hi all.
I have a raspberry pi 3+ using there 7 inch screen
and Astrobox touch running it.

I like it a lot so far.
But why can’t we have all the options has?

The Astrobox is already on the net.
So to me it would make sense to have this.


I don’t understand your question? What features (for example) do you mean?


Things like slicer settings\printer profiles.
Well as much as possible. I’m disabled (that old chestnut) so having everything on my Astrobox is important to me, and maybe others.

Thank you


So can we have the option?


As time progresses. We’re a small team and can’t do everything at once. You can however create custom profile on the cloud, save them and then use them from your touch.


I have saved a custom profile online and I will try to load it later.