AstroBox won't boot on Raspberry Pi 2

Recently I decided to dust off my 3d printer and get back into it. I have used Astroprint previously several years ago with this printer (a Maker Select v2) and this raspberry pi 2. After writing the .img file for the newest version to my 32gb flash drive I put it in my pi booted up with a edimax wifi dongle. The red and green lights blink for a minute or two and then the green light stops but there is no astroprint local wifi created. I am sure that the pi and the sd card are working properly because I can get octoprint up and running no problem.

Any suggestions as to what could be going on?

The new image no longer uses a single dongle to create the hotspot. This was a very custom solution that didn’t scale well with new version of Raspbian. If you really need a hotspot for setup in the RPi2 you would need 2 dongles or better you can use this method:

Ah that’ll do it. Thanks for the help!