Astroprint and the raspberry pi 7" touch

After much testing and multiple purchases I have found the official raspberry pi 7" touchscreen is the best option with the least amount of headache and seems to draw the least amount of power, complete draw for camera, 7" touch display , wireless keyboard and wifi is at .37 amps…

the official 7" draws power off the gpio pins or from usb from the pi.

I will do a write up with instructions if anyone is interested. pictures will follow later today

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Excellent! Cannot wait! Thanks :slight_smile:

You ever get around to making the Instructions?

There are new developments on this project?
And 'possible to work with astrobox directly Rpi3 with Touch 7 "?
How do you start after the request of UN and PW?
Thank you all

Hi Jul,
did you ever set up the instructions for this? I am really interested as the screen just asks to login…