Astroprint app iPhone and desktop for mac


i saw that astroprint had a lot of new features.
I installed the app on iPhone and the desktop app on my mac.

I have 2 questions please.

  1. the camera on the iPhone app is only taking pictures, not live video? Do i have to put VP8 or h264 as a choice for the camera, it’s uSB camera, PS3 classic camera. For the moment it’s VP8.

  2. the desktop app for mac looks wonderful but it’s not seeing my printer connected by usb. Of course i logged with my account successfully. I have the historic of my prints but that’s it. What do i have to do?

Thanks a lot for your help.

  1. We don’t yet support video on the mobile app but it’s coming.

  2. What printer is it?

Replicator 2 from MakerBot

for the 1)
usb camera it’s not working with safari 11 in VP8, is it normal?

The camera is pS3 camera.

  1. If you mean on your mac (not iphone), it should work. Does H264 work?

Sailfish printer (such as the one you have) are still not supported for USB printing. Only GCODE-based printers are.

it’s not working, i haver the picture with the monkey, lol.

The money picture means the connection is established and it’s waiting for data. Perhaps you need to wait a bit longer if either of the network ends has a slower connection


unfortunately it’s not working with safari. Stays with the money picture in h264.
Chrome is working fine.

Is it normal?

Everything is up
to date. Safari version 11.

Is it 11.0.1? We noticed yesterday that it stopped working on the newest Safari. We’re investigating why