Astroprint - bed print position - How do I print centre bed


Hi there, just started using AstroPrint , via raspberry pi .
Please forgive-if I’m in wrong topic area.
Since starting 3d Printing last summer - it - feels like I’m in some kind of control.
Using - Astrioprint…
So much easier …

I am using iPad - with Safari Browser for remote input.

My problem is, anything I have input via , thingverse or My mini.
Everything starts to print on the front left corner , When I had used Cura via Sd card I could input, print centre plate. But I cannot see how to achieve the same here.


What Printer?

Looks like you might need to mess around with a couple of GCODE commands.


Sorry didn’t realise I hadn’t put that - Wanhao Duplicator i3.


Interesting, I have the opposite problem - I have a Monoprice Maker Select V2.1 (which is basically the same machine as yours) and I can’t get it to print anywhere other than center bed using cloud features. I can however use Astroprint desktop to reposition, but if one is going to be doing that I may as well be using Cura.

And if anyone is wondering why center bed is a problem, these machines are known to have warped beds stock and mine is concave in the center with the corners higher than the center, so I tend to print off-center.