Astroprint cannot login (2018)

My Astroprint setup randomly stopped working, so I reformatted yesterday with the latest download (on 26th May, 2018).

Despite setting up the network correctly (I can connect locally, and connect to and get an OK back), I cannot log into Astroprint from the Pi. I get a message "

In Chrome’s debug, I get this console message: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (SERVICE UNAVAILABLE) /api/setup/astroprint
The exact URL it is trying to reach is http://duplicator.local/api/astroprint/private-key

Despite this, I was able to do a software update to 0.12(5) today with no issues, from the local web front-end.

I notice the “Internet” settings option is completely blank, despite other settings being correct. I manually setup internet using wpa_supplicant, which worked before I do regularly on Pis with Raspbian.

I notice a few other topics with the same issue, but before a certificate expired. There doesn’t appear to be anything going wrong in /var/log/astrobox/astrobox.log

Also I haven’t reset my password in ages, I noticed this was a solution to another person’s related issue.

Is this still a problem? 503 means a temporary error. There was a service interruption over the weekend that was resolved. Could you try again?

I’m traveling for work - I’ll give it a shot Thursday

Still no luck, same error, device connects to internet.

Connecting the network cable worked. I’ll can leave that in, but wifi would be good to have.

It might be bad reception or something similar. Most people connect with WiFi successfully

Not unless Astroprint goes out of it’s way to be difficult here.

I can connect to the internet, via wifi, completely fine via wget, and the devices are in the same room about 2 meters apart. wget on the API status check works fine, and I am getting a response to the login, it’s a 503. If I do a POST request via Python and don’t submit the password I get a different 40x error. I get the 503 when both username and password are provided. Also, as mentioned, an update works.

Could you send us logs via Settings / Software / Advanced?

Hi, I just registered a new account. I can log in via the web interface fine but trying to log in with the iOS app I get an error message telling me I have no internet connection on my phone which is completely wrong as I have both a stable 300mb WiFi connection!???

Are you using VPN? or a proxy?

Neither. This is the same whether I connect via any WiFi network or any 3/4G mobile network, no proxy or vpn at all.

Something might have gone wrong during the installation. We have it working fine here. Have you tried uninstalling and installing again?