Astroprint Completing Print Job But Not Returning to Menu


This is an odd bug that is present on both of my Astroboxes that seems to have happened in the last few days. I have no issue with the print job completing and the bed cooling down. However the astrobox seems to hang with the time at 00:00 but still showing the printing window. Any idea what I am doing wrong. The bug seems intermittent (3/6 print jobs).


I’ve seen this too. Been happening for a while but I done think is started right after the last astrobox update. I assumed it was a browser update but I have I have seen it on two different browsers running on different OSes now. OSX/safari and Linux/firefox


It looks like the completion event is lost somehow. Could it be that the connection between the browser and the box is weak? What happens if you refresh the screen? Also does the job show as completed in the cloud’s print history?


I don’t think that the issue is between the browser and the astrobox. The issue is happening between multiple browsers and the Astrobox Android App. The email notification is also not coming through as well. The two Astroboxes are approximately 10ft from the wireless router.
It is a very weird issue. The turn off temperature part of the completion event appears triggered but nothing else. I am testing if this is a USB issue and the turning off of the bed/extruder/motors creates enough RF interference to break the connection between the printer and the Astrobox temporarily is broken. I have a nice dual ferrite core cable that I should get tomorrow.But given it has worked so well in the past I would be surprised if this is the issue.
The print shows up as print failed in the history and refreshing the browser has no impact as does switching to another computer.


@John_Wilson, thanks for this. It helps. Are you also using the mobile app?


Would giving you a serial log help?

Yes I am using the mobile app that was just released.

There may be an issue with how I installed the Astrobox App. My phone uses a custom security locked OS that does not use Google services at all. It therefore does not have any of the Google background services (eg. Google Cloud Messaging). I just dont know enough about how the app operates and whether the App can inhibit the completion script.


A little late here but my astrobox and computers are hardwired…no wifi, so doubtful it is a signal loss issue.