Astroprint Desktop for chromebooks?


I recently switched over to chromebook (pixelbook) and got rid of my windows machine. I have the astrobox that I built using a raspberry pi. Everything works great, no issues connecting to my printer or printing from the cloud. What I am needing is to be able to position my prints on the bed, rotate, scale…basically everything Astroprint desktop can do. I am wondering when you are going to come out with Astrobox Desktop for chomebooks (Android).


Thanks for the request @Matt_Nigbur, we are going to do this as we get other things off our plate.


Thank you for the reply, I cant wait. Also I had a question, when I choose support for a project (I do it quite a bit), no matter if I choose lines or grid, it prints a grid. It makes it very difficult to remove, and I have wasted a lot of prints that the support either did not remove, or ruined the project in the process. Why does it do this?I am using the cura slicer, I have tried the slic3r program, but my printer goes crazy and prints nothing like the model. I went back to curs, prints perfect except the support.


Hi @Matt_Nigbur, is that problem in the cloud? Which is your printer profile? custom or ones of the list ones?