Astroprint disappeared from my Pi


I had install Home Assistant to the existing astroprint based Pi. which using 8123 port.

And I had preform an update in astroprint to 0.1.4.

After few days, I try to access astropoint it returns 500 error on web browser.

So I try to reboot the Pi. after that, the 80 port no longer response any request.

Then I ssh into the server.

to check the astroporint’s log:

cat /var/log/astrobox/astrobox.log.2018-11-24

2018-11-24 10:48:15,849 - - INFO - Activating State Change secondaries -> activated
2018-11-24 10:48:16,014 - - INFO - Active Connection is now wlan0 (
2018-11-24 10:48:16,015 - astroprint.boxrouter - INFO - Device is online. Attempting to connect to box router.
2018-11-24 10:48:16,016 - - INFO - Network Global State Changed, new(connected_local)
2018-11-24 10:48:16,019 - - INFO - Network Global State Changed, new(connected_global)
2018-11-24 10:48:52,823 - astroprint.boxrouter - ERROR - Error connecting to boxrouter: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution
2018-11-24 10:48:52,825 - astroprint.boxrouter - INFO - Waiting 4 secs before retrying...
2018-11-24 10:48:52,828 - astroprint.discovery - INFO - Registered Ultimaker for SSDP
2018-11-24 10:48:56,827 - astroprint.boxrouter - INFO - Retrying boxrouter connection. Retry #3
2018-11-24 10:49:15,353 - astroprint.boxrouter - INFO - Connected to astroprint service

$ cat /var/log/astrobox/astrobox.log

2018-11-26 19:57:52,331 - - INFO - Network Global State Changed, new(disconnecting)
2018-11-26 19:57:52,340 - astroprint.boxrouter - INFO - Device is offline. Closing box router socket.
2018-11-26 19:57:52,341 - - WARNING - Hotspot interface (wlan1) is not valid in this system.
2018-11-26 19:57:52,515 - - INFO - Network Global State Changed, new(disconnected)

It looks like astroprint no longer existing:

pi@Ultimaker:~ $ sudo find / -name ‘astro*’


I found some command in /etc/astrobox/config.ymal

pi@Ultimaker:~ $ ls /usr/local/sbin/ab-shutdown
ls: cannot access '/usr/local/sbin/ab-shutdown': No such file or directory
pi@Ultimaker:~ $ sudo ls /usr/local/sbin/ab-shutdown
ls: cannot access '/usr/local/sbin/ab-shutdown': No such file or directory
pi@Ultimaker:~ $ ls /usr/local/sbin/ab-reboot
ls: cannot access '/usr/local/sbin/ab-reboot': No such file or directory
pi@Ultimaker:~ $ service astrobox restart
Failed to restart astrobox.service: Unit astrobox.service not found.

And try to list installed package related astroprint:
astrobox-pip-dependencies/unknown,now 0.0.1 armhf [installed]
AstroBox PIP Dependencies

com.astroprint.astrobox.touch.electron/unknown,now 1.7.10 armhf [installed]
Electron Framwork for AstroPrint®’s projects

gcodeanaylizer-astroprint/unknown,now 0.0.2-1 armhf [installed]
GCode Analyzer

hostapd-astroprint/unknown,now 0.0.1-1 armhf [installed]
HostAP for the AstroPrint System

I don’t know what is happened here, but the Astroprint is just gone.

How can I make it back without re-flash the SD card again?


I does look like the software is still installed but there might be some conflict with the software you installed. While you’re free to do this, we unfortunately don’t the resources nor knowledge to give support to these types of system modifications.


Thanks for reply, but the astroprint looks like not exist anymore.

well… If there no command line like apt reinstall astroprint, I guess the only I can do is re-flash it again.


Please open a ticket with us if you’d like to try a few things.