Astroprint & IFTTT


It is possible? this would be a great addition to astroprint? Example once done trigger the relay to turn off the printer, remotely turn on the printer and start printing using astroprint online. options will be unlimited :slight_smile:


This has already been discussed: Text Notification When Done

It’s not something we can do right now


thanks! looking forward for Maker Channel Option :slight_smile:


it would be great to shutdown Astrobox via IFTTT.
My Ender 3 keeps powered via USB vom astrobox, even if i turn printer off.
Right now i cannot controll the printer via smartplug, cause astrobox usb keeps it alive…
I could also power/unpower the rpi3 with smartplug, but then astrobox claims that it did not shutdown if i do so.
Via IFTTT i think this could be adressed to send a shutdown request to astrobox before smartplug goes off.


I have all my 3d printers connected to wifi power adapters, about $11/12 each and I can power down my printers with an app / alexa. I don’t typically power down the astrobox as it’s an operating system and should be shutdown properly.