Astroprint on Orange Pi Zero


ok, I was not aware of being able to do the wifi stuff from the astroprint interface, no wifi on Rpi3 and thats what I am familiar with, this is my first taste of Opi zero

:slight_smile: I will try it next time I reload it.


Hi. I did this procedure on my orange pi ONE and it all worked fine. I had to change a file to get it recognise ethernet as valid internet but that’s fine. Only thing is everytime I try to update astroprint using the update screen it gets to the checking package stage and then just says it failed. Any ideas?


Hi Dion,
When did you setup your orange pi? Astroprint team added new dependence to gstreamer plugin and it is the reason why it is failing. I already committed changes to my git repo to fix the issue. You can try to do git pull to get my new changes and run setup again.