Astroprint plugin for Octoprint


Thanks for the plugin, it works great except

  1. only snapshot available from astroprint
  2. it use local ip when access from web with failure …

  1. At some point in the future we will add video. The dependencies are too much at the moment to add this.
  2. Look at OctoPrint for this. I don’t believe that the plugin has anything to do this.


we are using pi3 with octopi image and astroprint plugin with no other addin

there no detail instruction from your website just said can access from internet ?


You will be able to access your box via monitor app. However you can’t access its local address unless you’re on the same network as your box


the camera/control button can goto octopi control screen with chrome only not IE11even from local …


We don’t support IE at all.


only chrome ? how about safari and firefox ?
can allow to input wan ip from astroprint plugin for access octopi control ui while if we set the port forwarding properly from router ?



We test with chrome, safari and FF.

It’s not possible to do what you say. We only offer the button to launch into the local IP from the local network.