AstroPrint says no printers but I have two

I have AstroPrint Cloud account with two Rasperry Pi’s with Octoprint on each, with each connected to a single printer. ( A Prusa Mk3S and a Mini). But AstroPrint now says they are no longer connected.
When I first set them up if I got onto AstroPrint I could access both. They have been set up and worked and I could view the camera output Remotely ( as still images not video :frowning: but I understand that’s as good as I can get at present).

I mainly use them for just monitoring the prints remotely. I had an issue with print quality through AstroPrint and since I also lose the print recovery features in the Prusa I have disconnected the printers from raspberry Pi’s. But the cameras remain connected and functional.
They were all still working fine and I monitored them remotely till a couple of days ago.
However yesterday when I logged onto AstroPrint cloud it says a no longer have any printers attached. By “printers“ I took it to mean raspberry Pi’s with Octoprint on them either. When I am on my home network I can access the Octoprint And the AstroPrint so I confident the network is working.

So for some reason AstroPrint now can’t access the network remotely or maybe it can but it can’t access the raspberry pi’s and the octoprint instance.

Any advice on why this has happened and how to fix it.

You probably have to re-login to AstroPrint in the plugin tab. Also look in the octoprint logs for any AstroPrint entries to get some clues as to what caused it to disconnect